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  • 20150810
    So its been six weeks and we are off to Anglesey, a two day meet. Saturday looks good but its going to be wet on Sunday. After enjoying the ride last time out I leave my gearing alone, see if it works here.

    With not riding for a few weeks I take my time during practice and get myself all streatched out on the bike, and in the short session it was hard to tell what the gearing was really like, but it felt useable.

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  • 20150615
    I know i have not been about much, [b]well at all![/b] So i thought i would let you know whats been going on, if nothing else it gives you something to read and a few pics to look at.

    I was all excited for the start of the year with having the big off last year, and just getting out in the last race of the season.
    1st round at Anglesey. The weather was real shitty for this one, heavy rain and strong winds as i rolled out for practice, some of the worst weather i have ever rode in. Thats including two years as a motorcycle despatch rider. But it went well an i could...

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  • 20141017

    doing the full track 2.1 miles

    Saturday practice
    I'm feeling happy with myself as i roll down pit lane but as i join...

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  • 20141009
    its got a new look for the last race
    hope you like it