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Post by HCR M Angelo on 1/9/2013, 12:14 pm

Lobby 1, Race 2, Lap 3,Turn 5.

Avoidable Contact. Causing Damage. luongo27 -4 pts, THF dvsSublime +4 pts

Lobby 3, Race 2, Lap 1, Turn 1.

Avoidable Contact. Causing Damage. XMan4299 -4 pts, jms493 +2pts and iiDangerCloseBK +2 pts
Oddball7000 -4 pts, WRC Racer X +2 pts

We still have to see the lobby 3 race 1 replay. Please keep in mind that your race cannot be won one on the first lap or first corner but sure as hell can be lost there. Please try to keep the over aggressive driving for elsewhere. Also keep in mind, that even if you don't, there are others who spend a long time preparing their cars. They would be grateful of the opportunity to show this, without having damage inflicted on them. Having said all this, I have been overjoyed by, firstly the way this series has been received and secondly by the overall closeness and fairness of the drivers in general. Carry on in this vein for the remainder of the series and this will become a flagship of the site. Thanks to those who ran the lobbies and all those who drove.
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