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Incident Review Form

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Incident Review Form

Post by THF dvsSublime on 1/15/2013, 1:37 am

This thread will provide the "template" you will need to put in a request for an incident to be reviewed by the Series Officials.

You must provide a replay for the incident so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SAVE YOUR REPLAYS!

Please do not post any incident reports on the public forum this template is made to avoid that.


1. Save your replay.

2. Copy and paste template into a PM.

3. Fill out the template.

4. Send Chelsea or Sublime the incident report in a PM!

5. Wait patiently for a reply.

Incident Review Form


What camera view do you drive from?

What race did the incident happen in 1 or 2?

Estimated lap of incident:

Drivers involved in incident:

Explain the incident in your view:
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