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Rules & Regulations

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Rules & Regulations

Post by Hellsbells1969 on 4/8/2013, 1:22 pm

- German DTM Series
DAY & TIME: Wensday Nights - 9:00 PM ET

Series Director
RR Russ Wheeler

2nd in command

CARS & Build
2011 Audi A4 Touring Car - Any number - PI 845
Front Tires - 305
Rear Tires - 320
Rims - OZ Racing Superturismo GT

2008 Mercedes-AMG C-Class Touring Car - PI 846
Front Tires - 305
Rear Tires - 320
Rims - OZ Racing Superturismo GT

Assists Allowed
Steering Normal or Simulation
Stability OFF
Traction Control ANY
Shifting ANY
Suggested Line ANY
Damage Simulation

Series specific rules and/or info
-In this series, we will follow RR rules.  
-We expect good track awareness and sensible driving. This is critical to avoiding accidents.
Trading paint is two or more cars trying not to hit each other in tight competition, it does not mean bumper nudging someone off the racing line so you can overtake!
Accidents are just that. No one wants to end their own or your race however that does not mean the offender should get off free from penalty. Accidental contact is subject to penalty based on the severity and fault of the accident. We will have final say on all contact within the DTM races where the accident occurred.

Artwork Requirements
- All series logos must be on cars.

Qualifying Procedure
When its held - Before the Race - Race will follow Qualifying
- 5 laps - fastest lap will count.
- Lap 6 you must STOP until told to continue past finish line - Laps will be ordered by fastest clean laps, then dirty laps.
- Lemans and NordSchliffe- 3 laps. You must stop on 4th.

Series Race Room setup
Room Setup
Lobby - Private
Game Type - Circuit Race
Enviroment - Weekly Track
Track - Race Layout
Track Conditions - Weekly Condition
Max Players - 16
Max AI Players- 0
Laps - Weekly Laps
Car Class - R2
Drive Type - RWD
Damage Difficulty - Simulation
Collision Mode - Always On

Scoring Type - Time Based
Bigger is Better - No
Compare Best Lap Times - No
End Condition - NumLaps
Laps - Weekly Laps
Grid Ordering - Lobby Points
Ascending - No
Per-car Roll Off Delay - 0s
Number of Player Buckets - 1
Tag Enabled - No
Number of Heats - 1
Number of Teams - None
End of Race Timer - None

Force Team Colors - No
Force Stock Tuning - No
Force Off Suggested Line - No
Force Off STM - Yes
Force Off TCS - No
Easiest Braking - ABS Off
Easiest Steering - Normal
Easiest Shifting - Automatic
Forced Camera View - None
Disable Wrong Way Indicator - No

- 14 cars to a room
- Rules: Collisions On, Simulation Damage. TCS allowed, ABS not allowed, Stability not allowed. Braking Line can be on.
- The race starts once the qualifying is over, All times will be collected, ordered, and then hosts and rooms will be set.
- Cannot occur after lap 2 has been completed by the LEADER.
- Race 1- Standing Start. Race 2- Standing Start, top 10 Reversed.
-Restart Rule -    This restart must involve (2) or more cars.

Penalties & Replay reviewers
RR Russ Wheeler

On track incidents can result in warnings, up to -3 points per race.

Lagout Rule - If you lag out into your own room,  u willl have DNF   and get last place points

Points System
11+ EACH POSITION WILL CONTINUE TO BE -1 POINTS FOR EACH ONE DOWN (should keep points close throughout and encourage participation for the entire season)

FOR LeMans and Nurburgring -will be one race  no sprint

Drivers Championship
Constructors Championship (top 3 points of each car)

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