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New 3S Rules (4-22-13)

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New 3S Rules (4-22-13)

Post by s0ul harv3st on 4/17/2013, 8:46 pm

3S Designs Shop Rules

The following rules pertain to all unlocked designs and logos.

1. Our design completion priority hierarchy will be as follows.
(a) Design Deadline date (if properly submitted)
(b) Realistic Racing Member’s based on request date
(c) Repeat Customers based on request date
(d) Non RR members

2. Only ONE design or ONE logo sheet (1000 layers) per person per request at any given time. You cannot have multiple designs in the works with us. In certain situations we will allow multiple designs for Driver Teams and Series Admin. These must be pre approved with 3S staff before order submission.

3. You are not permitted to gift or resell designs or logos unless our staff has agreed to such stipulations as would exist with rights agreements for T Spec (Team and Series Organizer) use or X-spec usage.

4. We reserve the right to deny any paint request or specific rights to any request.

5. NO Requests without a properly filled out request form. Verbal and PM requests will not be accepted.

6. We require 50% of the estimate down plus the car to be designed before work begins. If you are a repeat customer we will only need the car to get started. Please do not send us your car before we approve your request.

7. When we are closed, we are closed. All requests during shop closure will be removed.

8. All designs with deadlines must be submitted 1 month in advance. If you have submitted a design that has a deadline with any less, it will be completed on a best effort basis.

9. Your design request is non transferable. The other party you are trying to transfer with will have to submit their own request.

10. As it pertains to 3S, our decisions are not negotiable. The price is the price and your order in line is your order in line.
In short, we have ZERO bullshit tolerance.

Violation of the rules:
Penalties will be dependent on the nature of your infraction.
Above all rule 3 will get you the most severe punishment. The gifting, selling, or trading of our unlocked designs and logos will get you blacklisted. This means you will no longer be able to order designs from our shop. In the worst case scenarios the violation will also get you evicted from Realistic Racing all together.
If you have been found in violation your friends will also be monitored for possession of mal acquired designs.

We are maintaining a policy that states one slip up by one person and the program goes to a strictly locked design shop. We understand the benefit of having an unlocked design however we do not want to see our designs strewn about the Forza community.

Rights agreements:
These levels of usage rights are also published on the pricing page with estimated price differences. This same rights system applies to logos.

L Spec would be for a replica design you want to see done and don't need it customized
C Spec is a locked custom design (ie. series decals, names, numbers etc)
U Spec is a straight unlocked design for personal use only
T Spec is a team use design where you can share only with your team or specified persons.
X Spec is full rights, to do with as you please

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