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Rules & Regulations

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Rules & Regulations

Post by xCarnage12 on 5/21/2013, 10:46 pm


Saturdays at 9:30pm EST

Series Director
RR Stroker Ace

2nd in command
RR Russ Wheeler

Other Series Admin
Voodoo Motorsports

Qualifying Committee
Speed Kings

CARS & Build
Year - Make - Model - PI
2010 BMW Z4 GT3 r3 737
-Sealed engine
-race brakes
-front tire width 325/30R18
-rear tire width 340/30R18

2011 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3 r3 735
-sealed engine
-race brakes
-front tire width 320/30R18
-rear tire width 340/30R18

2011 McLaren MP4-12C GT3 r3 750
-sealed engine
-race brakes
-front tire width 310/30R18
-rear tire width 320/40R18

2009 Audi R8 LMS r3 751
-sealed engine
-front tire width 290/35R18
-rear tire width 320/40R18

Time Trial Car
2010 Mosler MT900S r3 782
all handling upgrades except weight reduction( Stock Weight )
all drivetrain parts
race tires with max tire width

Assists Allowed
no auto brake
Any assist allowed

Series specific rules and/or info
Car Class well be determined by time trial place  
Pro group and a Am group
Pro group is for your faster drivers and the Am group is for your mid to slow drivers you will be placed in your group depending on your lap times in the time trial event the pro and am group will be using the same cars and same builds
Teams can picked but there is only two drivers per team but you can also run as a privateer

Artwork Requirements
Race livery would be preferred RR logo
number plates will be on my storefront

Series Race schedule and laps plus pit window if applicable
Time Trial Race: Bernese Alps Festival Circuit: 20 min run to get the fastest time possible
All races are 1 hour long pit stops between 40 and 20 mins
Nurburgring GP
Twin Ring Motegi full
Infineon Nascar
Camino Viejo Extreme
Catalunya Gran Prix
Le Mans La Sarthe
Nurburgring Nordschleife double point finale

Qualifying Procedure, room setup, when it's held
Lobby step up:
Damage on Simulation
Collisions off
4s roll off between cars so cars are not ghosting each other
the day of the race before race start
How many laps or time
3-7 depending on track

Series Race Room setup and rules
Room Setup
Lobby type: Private
Game type: Custom
Environment: Hockenheim
Track: Hockenheimring
Track Conditions: Mid Afternoon
Max Players: 16
Max AI Players: 0
Time race: 1 Hour long
GT3 car class: R3
Damage Difficulty: Simulation
Collision Mode: Always On

Advanced Rules
Scoring type: Time Based
Bigger is better: No
Compare best lap scores: No
End condition: timed
Grid ordering: Lobby points
Ascending: No
Per-car roll off delay: 0s
Number of player buckets: 2
Score Buckets independently: yes
Group by Bucket: yes
Tag enabled: no
Number of heats: 1
Number of teams: 2
Team Scoring type: individual
Interleave teams: no
End of Race timer: None

GT3 Options
Allow upgrades: yes
Car class: R3
Car type: Any

Rolling start or standing start (if rolling starts - out lap speed and single or double file)
Standing Start
Grid ordering (reverse, championship standings, etc)
By Qualifying Position
Ex: Pole gets pole and so forth

Penalties & Replay reviewers
missing a race is -6 points
A collision hurting another driving causing them to lose positions -2 and 2 points added to the hurt driver

Replay reviewers: EDC Primo, Myself, and Site Owners

Restart Rule
one restart if 3 or more cars are involved

Lagout Rule
you have to make 70% of the race to gain points

Points System
Position Race
1st 24
2nd 22
3rd 21
4th 20
5th 19
6th 18
7th 17
8th 16
9th 15
10th 14
11th 13
12th 12
13th 11
14th 10
15th 9
16th 8
17th 7
18th 6
19th 5
20th 4
21st 3
22nd 2
23rd 1
24th 0

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