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4 laps - Qualifying is a 3 Lap run, Last lap is for times and does NOT count. Clean Laps count. Dirty laps will line up behind clean laps.
There is a minimum of ONE pit stop during the race, some races will have more than ONE .
There will be (1) restart within the first 2 laps of the race. If a MAJOR lag crash, happens, we have the option for a second restart.
If you lagout, you will be credited for the first available last place finishing position.
NO Stability Control
TCS is Allowed
Easiest Braking is ABS ON
Easiest Steering is NORMAL
Manual or Auto trans
Championships Recognized
GT500 Champion & Runner-Up
GT300 Champion & Runner-Up
GT500 Team Champions
GT300 Team Champions
Teams are (2) driver in the same class. After time trial, they will have the option of teaming up for points championship.
June 15-June 29 (Hot Lap Challenge)
July 5 - Motegi East - 30 Laps - 1 Stop
July 12 - Suzuka Full - 20 Laps - 1 stop
July 26 - Fujimi Kaido "King of the Mountain" - NO PITROAD - 10 Laps (3 Laps/4 Laps/3 Laps)
August 2 - Bernese Alps Full "European Championship" - 20 Laps - 1 Stop
August 9 - Motegi Full - 25 Laps - 1 Stop
August 16 - Road Atlanta Full "North American Championship" - 40 Laps - 2 Stops
August 23 - Tzukuba Full - 40 Laps - 2 stops
King of the Mountain and the Special Championships will have a One Million dollar payout to the winner. Must be a FULL TIME DRIVER, not a one off driver, paid by RR Harry Hogge and Voodoo Motorsports.
Artwork Requirement
Your number must be placed on both sides of your car.  Located in between front and rear wheel wells.  The number must be on you rear bumper as well.
Room Setup
Series Race Room setup
Lobby type: Private
Game type: Circuit Race
Environment: TBD
Track: TBD
Track Conditions: TBD
Max Players: 16
Max AI Players: 0
Laos: TBD
GT500 car class: R2
GT300 car class: R3
Damage Difficulty: Simulation
Collision Mode: Always On
Advanced Rules
Scoring type: Time Based
Bigger is better: No
Compare best lap scores: No
End condition: numlaps
Laps: TBD
Grid ordering: Lobby points
Ascending: No
Per-car roll off delay: 0s
Number of player buckets: 2
Score Buckets independently: yes
Group by Bucket: yes
Tag enabled: no
Number of heats: 1
Number of teams: 2
Team Scoring type: individual
Interleave teams: no
End of Race timer: None
Team Colors: no
Stock upgrades: no
Force off Suggested line: no
Force off STM: yes
Force off TCS: no
Easiest braking: ABS on
Easiest steering: normal
Easiest shifting: automatic
Forced view: none
Disable wrong way: no
GT500 Options
Bucket name: GT500
allow upgrades: yes
Car Class: R2
Body Family: SuperGT GT500
GT300 Options
Roll Off Delay: 5 s
Bucket Name: GT300
allow upgrades: yes
Car Class: R3
Body Family: SuperGT GT300
Allow upgrades: yes
Car class: R3
Car type: Any
Penalties & Replay reviewers
RR Russ Wheeler - Series Admin
del - Series Second


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