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Team Introduction

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Team Introduction

Post by LethalHoudini on 7/29/2013, 5:59 pm

Welcome to Flag 2 Flag Racing.
Team Principal - DelZaster

This is a new team I am starting from scratch that will pride itself on sportsmanship, friendliness, good banter and fair clean racing.  We will have a weekly team night for an hour or 2 running the cars for various series we are in, the lobby will be set to no collisions and bring whatever car you need to get ready for the coming races.  I will then do my best to help the teams drivers with tuning help etc during the weekly sessions.  My position is simple really with running the site etc I know how a team should be run but I don't always have the time so that is why I am also looking for a team manager to run the team with.  This is how things will work the team manager and I will discuss everything and decide the best way forward for the team.  The team manager will be an integral person to the team as my hopes are he/she will do a lot of the forum stuff as well as keeping everyone well motivated and I will do as much as I can when I have time.  The team will not tolerate arguments etc so Il say it now that if a driver joins and causes problems he will be asked to leave, we all want a happy team.  Also all drivers will join Flag 2 Flag Racing on a trial basis and then once were happy you will be given a full time place in the team. Speed or standing on RR is not the key importance here as to who gets full time drives etc it is simply upon how you will fit into the team.

We are a new team with the following needs
Team Manager

so if you are reliable and would like to apply to join Flag 2 Flag Racing please contact me via pm or Xbox party.

Thank you


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