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Become a member in 4 Simple Steps

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Become a member in 4 Simple Steps

Post by s0ul harv3st on 10/21/2013, 9:49 pm

1. Please read our rules and understand them.

2. Please contact someone from our administration team (HONUSDAN, Sniper919, LethalHoudini, Luongo27, RR Chelsea or s0ul harv3st) to express you intentions.

3. You will be asked for either someone to vouch that you are a clean, respectable driver, or asked to participate in a recruitment night, held on Sundays and some Thursday nights. Our recruitment team will assess your abilities at this point. We are not looking for fast, leaderboard drivers, etc. We just want drivers who will respect the other racers on the track with them.

4. If you are approved, you are in. At this point simply register for a driver's number to participate in one of our series/ events. You will then be added to the Member's group where you will have full access to post and participate in the website.

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