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Design Requests Form and instructions

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Design Requests Form and instructions

Post by s0ul harv3st on 2/26/2014, 7:58 am

Request Form Instruction:
(This would be where you would put the car you'd like your design on, along with any custom rims, rim color, and body work.) Designs look different with certain aero mods so this is most important.

*Name/Number/Flag: This is what name you'd like to see on the car as well as number. You can also request a flag to be placed next to you name. Name and Number are required. The flag is not.*

Artwork: (Replica or Custom)
If you are choosing a custom artwork you MUST contact me in a private chat so we can discuss what you'd like to see. The reason for this would be your expectations may be different than our vision and you wouldn't want to be charged for something you didn't expect. And if that situation were to come up you will be paying for it. So the more descriptive you can be with us the better the chance you'll have of getting what you expected.

Required Decals:
This could be your main sponsor, tire supplier, series decals, and other decals or things of the nature.
Do you have any of the decals for this design already completed? Yes or No

Reference Pictures:
This is the trickiest part. If you want a replica its easy. Send us pictures of the exact car you'd like replicated. Note the car from say 2-3yrs ago because cars change design quite often and maybe even during the season. If you decide you'd like a custom design any photos will help. Things you like and things you may not like.

Design Request Form Template:
Required Decals:
Reference Pictures:

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