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Aintree 17th May

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Aintree 17th May

some good history for you Grand Prix fans at Aintree, They stopped using the full circuit in 1964

I was up at 05:30 bloody birds singing there heads off, little fuckers. So i did a few laps on my push bike to kill some time, the sun might of been up but it was cold and i only got 3 laps in before i give up as my hands started to hurt and go numb, it takes over 40 mins for my hands to get warm on the push rod an i didn't fancy doing that many laps.
Practice went well and i thought i was doing quite good, passing riders and not many coming past me an i thought my troubles would of been at country the only left on the track and club a double apex sweeping right, been here once before back in september last year but couldn't really remember lines or braking points.
I was happyish with my practice when i pulled off track and went to get a brew before my qualifying race. you can't not qualify its just to sort out grid slot for the main race.

Qualifying Race, 5 laps
By this time the sun was red hot and i was looking forward to getting out there. Its a lucky dip for grid slots in the qually race and i drew 24th out off 27 which sucks but thats what i drew so i get on with it. i'm in the holding area waiting to be let out and its taking for ever, a crash in the race before mine and they are taking a while to clean the mess up, its at this point that i start to wish that i had bought white leathers, 20 mins they keep us waiting, not fun in a black leather suit when its this hot.
they let us out to take our postions then away for one warm up lap. The lights are on red, bloke at the front of the grid walks off pointing his red flag at the lights.
Lights go out and i'm off but i have to back it down straight away as there is almost a coming together right in front of me, i swing to the right almost running off track but just make it by and i start to push passing riders, again it goes a little blur as its a frantic 5 lap dash but i feel like i'm doing alright. no problems with country the left hand bend (unless you count the feeling your about to lock the front every time you go in to it) i do gain a lot on the others going in to this had it pinned all day. but as i'm going round beechers (this is flat out in 4th banked right over) i'm holding a tight line, and there is a little dip in it, can't see it but i hit it every time, and its not good. an then down railway in to club I don't have this one down yet its going to take a lot more laps to get it right.
5 laps are soon over and i finish 16th.
I'm happy with that an when i look at my times i have beat my race time and best lap from last year.

Championship race, 7 laps
I start in 16th out of 28 an extra rider in this, and i'm feeling good about improving, as we set off the front lifts and i have to back it down ever so slightly but its enough for me to lose my drive and i gain nothing on anyone but hold position for the first lap or two, i feel like i'm trying really hard to gain on the riders infront an i'm not sure which laps they happened on but i had two moments round beechers still holding that tight line 1st the bike hits the bump an as i'm tucked right up and banked over the bike bounces up and hits my chin then a lap or two latter at the same point i feel the backend brake away before it grips again (need to find a better line round that one) the left hander was fine like i said before had it nailed but club well i haven't got the balls for that one yet and i'm losing loads of time through it. the last two laps i lose a few place's no real mistakes i just faded away, the heat up early, and club is a hard one to get right. you pick, i'm going for wrong final drive ratio, i was trying real hard but just could not improve finished 19th, even my best lap was a 10th slower than the qually race (but i'm blaming that on the heat) a bit down about it but my time over 7 laps was better than last year so i will take what i can out of it.
not played with the ratio's yet but i think its time to start trying new things, next time i come here i'm having a taller box

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