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RR DeLZaster's Boxing competition

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RR DeLZaster's Boxing competition

Post by LethalHoudini on 5/31/2014, 8:42 am

As most of you know I am a huge boxing fan and heres something different. Tonight we have 1 of the biggest nights of boxing in English history it is being held a Wembley stadium and sold 70.000 tickets in about an hour and a half and is expecting a crowd of around 80.000 which I think would be the 2nd/3rd biggest boxing crowd in English history.

Below is the fight card all you have to do is post your list of winners and whoever guesses the most winning boxers will get a pm from me with 1 of my latest tunes. If we have more than 1 winner you will both get the tune. If Forza 4 boys want to enter il give you guys 2m credits if you win

Anthony Joshua v Matt Legg
Jamie McDonnell v Tabtimdaeng Na Rachawat
Kevin Mitchell v Ghislain Maduma
info. Mitchel has a slight cut on the bridge of his nose from sparring and has failed to make the weight
Carl Froch v George Groves

Just for a bit of fun for me here's my predictions. please note for comp you don't need to predict the rounds just who wins.

Anthony Joshua round 3/4
Olympic gold medalist and definately a world champion at some point. He has all the attributes needed and is moving forward every fight. Very humble person but make no mistake he will be a real star in the future.

Jamie McDonnell round 7/8
Really solid fighter lost his world title because he couldn't fight in time due to injury

Ghislain Maduma round 8/9
The reasons I have gone against Mitchel is he has in the past dined out on burger's n beer and I think the cut nose will open up and I also wonder what the weight issue will affect having said that this guy has real punch power in his locker and is more than capable of an early knockout in his favour

Carl Froch round 8/9
A real star for the last 10 years and is always in good shape looking after himself between fights at his ripe old age of 36. He lost to Kessler and won an amazing rematch and he also lost to Andre Ward but in my opinion Ward is really like mayweather a cut above. In Froch's career he has never avoided anyone and is real class. He is as quick as groves but he has mindblowing power and stamina. In the 1st fight groves had him down in round 1 and in trouble but he got up and fought back to win. This boy does not understand when hes beat he has incredible heart. I think hel win later in the fight as I wonder weather groves has the stamina to keep him quiet. That being said if groves gets to him in the early rounds its all possible he has the punch power and after the first fight he now knows he can hurt froch.

good luck all and sorry this is late going up but bit of an after thought


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Re: RR DeLZaster's Boxing competition

Post by Sniper919 on 6/1/2014, 3:20 pm

Sorry I didn't get to this mate. Missed the fight been a rough couple days.


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