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Saturday Rivals Overview

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Saturday Rivals Overview

Post by s0ul harv3st on 7/16/2014, 5:40 pm

What this series basically is is similar to the rivals mode in FM 4. the only twist is that every saturday we will have a little two segment race for bonus points towards the series. How it will work is I will announce a new car every sunday and you will have one week to tune and test your car for a hotlap. When you feel like you have a good car. send me a replay of your lap and I will post it to a leader-board on the forum marked LEADERBOARD. You may send me more than one replay but the first one you send me will be discarded. When sending a replay make sure you name it: [GT_RS_(update##)]. GT: your gamertag. RS: Rivals Shootout. (update##): if you have an updated replay, put update and then the number or the update. For example. [RR Synyster_RS_(update1)]. the braquets are not needed. Replays will be sent and only sent to RR Synyster.


There will be a set schedule but I will announce the cars and the builds every sunday as the series progresses. this is what the schedule is looking like.

Iberian Full
Sedona Club
Bernese Alps Festival
Sunset Speedway
Le Mans Old Mulsanne
Nurburgring Nordschleife
Twin Ring Motegi Full


*follow the site rules based on track etiqutte and you should be fine.
*the time frame where I will be accepting replays is from the time I post the build to the site to Friday @ 11:59pm EST GMT -5(New York, East Coast) Time.
*will not be giving inside information on the bulds before I put them on the site.
*must follow the builds exactly otherwise you will be disqualified for the week.
*the lap must not be a dirty lap, unless it will be marked under the clean laps.


leaderboards will have a separate section in the forums and they will be updated on a daily basis. definitely between 12:00pm and 3:00pm EST GMT -5


You can receive points for the series in two ways. One is by posting a lap to the forum leaderboard. the points table to that is follows. they may change due to how many people sign up for the series.

First: 10

the second way to get points (bonus points) is by attending the weekly shootout races that will be held every Saturday @ 9:00 pm EST GMT -5. the points table to that is as follows.  Again, they may change due to how many people sign up.

First: 10pts
Second: 9pts
Third: 8pts

Points Table

I will be using an excell spreadsheet. I may need assistance with this so anyone who steps up to the plate will be greatly appreciated.


First: 20,000,000 cr
Second: 10,000,000 cr
Third: 5,000,000 cr


Knowing me, I probably forgot something in this main setup so this section will be edited if needed to clarify specific points I forgot to post.

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