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Retom7 - let's race.

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Retom7 - let's race.

Post by Retom7 on 10/16/2014, 8:56 pm

Xbox Live Gamer Tag: Retom7
Driver's number: I would like to have 121
Sim Racing Experience: Just about every racing game ever made for consoles. I prefer rally games and circuit racing games. Most of my time has been spent on Gran Turismo 3 - 5, Forza 3, 4, 5 and Horizon and Horizon 2. I do not like the physics of NFS any longer. I enjoyed it for the PC and wish they would bring back the Porsche Unleashed model of earning your way up through different decades. Also enjoyed Rallisport Challenge and the DiRT series (minus the whole drifting aspect of 2nd and 3rd). I also like motorcycle racing, so if anyone wants to play some MotoGP, I'm game.
Referring member(s): I have played with a bunch of you now, but I'm Gargos' brother. I'm the one with the quiet cats.
What times you are likely to be online? Most days after 9pm. I do mix in a lot of other games, but I had fun ladder racing, even though I have no tunes and bad cars.
Why do you wish to join Realistic? I like racing with people who I can trust not to just ram me off of the road going into the last turn. I shy away from most racing games online for that reason alone.

I am not sure if I needed all of this, but anyway, here you go. I enjoy racing and have been a fan locally of Lime Rock for years. I remember watching 80's and 90's NASCAR that was broadcasted on a limited, typically holiday, schedule. I hate NASCAR now. I spend my time on YouTube watching European circuit racing since cancelled cable. Not that SPEED (Fox 2,000 or whatever it is) airs anything but NASCAR tech shows. I prefer GT over open wheeled, but I will watch anything. I am a huge Ferrari fan.

I do not own a racecar, but I wish I did. I own a Honda RC51 and that's where I get my speed fill in as it's speed I can afford. I am having a child in April, so there goes any hope of saving for a track car... but I need a retirement project, right?

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Re: Retom7 - let's race.

Post by Skywarp 72 on 10/17/2014, 1:09 am

Tom, regarding your last paragraph there. Check out "These are the videos I keep talking about" section in the gallery. Circle short track (NASCARS roots) has a beginner class usually called mini stock or stockers where you can build a car for less than 2000, even buy them used for around 700 bucks. Race fees are cheap and its a great place to get started.
Skywarp 72

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