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Anglesey 11th/12th Oct

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Anglesey 11th/12th Oct

doing the full track 2.1 miles

Saturday practice
I'm feeling happy with myself as i roll down pit lane but as i join the track and go round what would be turn two my right thigh cramps up an its a bit painfull, over stretched (not rode it for 4 months) Nothing i can do about it now so i set about doing some laps.
Over the next few laps i notice that i'm having to twist the throttle more than i should before something happens, and my leg!, really not comfortable an unable to move round the bike properly i keep going round but i have never been happier to see the chequered flag.
When i get back i explain whats wrong and we strip it back to adjust the throttle cable at the carbs, the bloody thing has come undone lucky i didn't lose all acceleration.

Race 1
As i sit on the grid after my sighting lap i know i'm going to struggle with my leg.
Lights go out an i didn't get a very good start, but lets just get to the finish. Throttle feels loads better and i start trying to push myself, starting to feel better on the bike an i can feel i'm getting faster, an i'm not feeling the pain in my thigh. Coming round the last turn at the end of lap 2 i open it up an i feel the rear brake free, quickly shut the gas and pick the bike up but it has already spat me in the air (oh shit not again) my chest hits the screen an i come back down landing in the seat, got away with that. Forget about it and keep pushing i can see that i'm gaining on the bikes in front but 2 laps later i can't do it my leg is now killing me and i have slowed, the bike i had come up behind are now dropping me, just got to keep the others behind, i can hear someone round me an i'm trying my hardest to work through the pain, an i think i'm dropping the bike behind. Crossing the line to start the last lap i miss a gear and can feel the bike behind right on me again, I take a quick look an i see a green bike right on my tail. grit my teeth and ride through the pain as i come out of church along the back straight and go up the hill towards rocket its all gone quiet behind. down the hill and round seamans up to the hairpin i have a good look behind and the green bike is nowhere to be seen so i relax for the final 2 turns and tack the flag. on the slowing down lap i see the marshals moving that green bike. an at the top off the hill coming round rocket closed throttle the backend feels strange.

when i get back to the pits i notice oil all over my rear shock and swinging arm i guess i had oil on my tyre i wounder if it was oil that made me lose the rear at the end of lap 2.
can't find any leak and we are lost to ware its come from.
clean it up run the bike but still can't tell.
so we put it down to the rear brake reservoir being over full, and it isn't now.

Race 2
its been sunny all day but just before i'm due out 1 single black cloud comes over and starts to empty its self.
start delayed now i think i'm being smart an i only put my wet front in as its only one small cloud and the sun will be back out in a min
as we start moving out on the grid the sun comes out and the track looks not to bad (on the start/finish straight anyway) but on the sighting lap its clear that i have made the wrong choice loads of standing water in parts of the track at the end of the sighting lap about 10 ridres pull in, so i wasn't the only one. but i stay out
i was slow coming out of some of the turns having a slick in the wet plays with your head a bit, but i managed to get one or two of the other riders before the chequered flag.
back in the pits i can't even get off the bike with out help leg is playing right up now. an then we see oil all over the rear shock again so we strip it right back and a breather hose at the back of the engine had come away. sort it clean and rebuild it. lets hope i have a better day tomorrow

I'm up for this today and practice went well i feel faster just got to put my leg out of my mind an i'm able to hold a good pace through all of practice

Race 1
i get a better start and i'm mixing it upand i'm fast down the back straight and up the hill as i come round peel i snatch another gear as i come over the creast and drop down the hill as i go to down shift my gear lever is missing, i look down an see it hanging down....race over lap 1 i pull off
just a small bolt had come lose and fell out GRRR

Race 2
on the sighting lap my gear lever don't feel right its in the wrong place and i'm struggling to hook my foot under it to shift.
I stay out and try to put up with it but its hard work and about 100 yards further round than i got in race 1 i have a differant issue with the gear lever and i have to pull off again on lap 1 GGGRRR

Gremlins attacked the shit out of me but i got done what i needed to so next year i can start with out my rookie bib, between blown motors and broken bones its taken twice as long as i thought it would.
roll on next season
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Anglesey 11th/12th Oct :: Comments


Post on 10/17/2014, 9:10 am by LethalHoudini

Damn what a tough time, next year will be smooth as silk your due 1. Why have you put pics of Sniper in you write-up LMAO

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Post on 10/17/2014, 9:47 am by je11yfish 15

i hope so
does that mine i can blame sniper for all my troubles Suspect

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Post on 10/17/2014, 10:04 am by LethalHoudini

I always do mate LOL

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