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Post by LethalHoudini on 12/9/2014, 6:11 pm

About me and my series and what I expect

I started RR with sng73 some years ago because we hated public lobbies and wanted some proper racing with morals, fairness and structure.  We also didn't want a normal racing site we wanted more of a community etc.

When you sign up you are agreeing to all the site rules as well as the series rules.  If you have any questions or need clarification on anything please contact me

I expect all drivers to race clean and fair

If something happens to you during a race night please fill out an incident report and send it to me and I promise to look at it and take any action I feel is appropriate.  Do not suffer in silence.

I will not accept any arguing or shouting in the race lobby others are trying to race too.  record it and it will be sorted after the race night.  I sort things in a number of ways that include docking points and if I feel you have lost places n points etc I may give you a few points to compensate you etc so there is no need to kick off etc.

There is a twist to this series that happens during the season please keep that in mind when you sign up.  All I will say is the twist is something new that I have never tried before and I think it will provide closer and better racing.  My advice is if you have a big ego this may not be the series for you

I expect chat to be kept to a minimum.  Chat is for calling moves and in race communication.  Nobody needs to know what u had for lunch whilst they are trying to race race.  Please don't take offence if I ask anyone to shut up it's not personal.  This includes until everyone has crossed the line please.  If you have a good race etc its very easy to start chatting when others are still in a position battle please respect that.

If you leave the track I expect you to only re enter the track when it is safe to do so.  If you re enter the track and cause another driver to take avoiding action ie put them in trouble u may get a penalty

Understanding white line rules
As in real life lines denote the edge of the track not the grass etc
2 wheels should should be on the track at all times.  A mistake is a mistake and in most occasions will lose time and that's fine.  It is not fine to put all 4 wheels over the line in order to gain time.  if you put all 4 wheels over the line by accident and think you have gained time, If you lift the throttle in acknowledgment I am fine with that.  I also look at all the replays so If I see multiple infringements I will give a penalty.

Blue Flag situations
If you are about to be lapped u are expected to communicate with the lead drivers and let them through.  The best way to do this is to be alert and plan so they can get through causing the least disruption to them and you etc.  If you are a lead driver and under no threat behind and u come up on a battle for position please be respectful and let them race where possible.  This is all about common sense.

I spend a lot of time on building a series to get them as good as I possibly can and always try a few new things etc to keep them fresh.  I also always watch the replays with a coffee in hand when I wake up the day after race day.

If you get a penalty for something it is never personal it is only for the good of the racing n fairness etc.

My lobbies are open and invites sent before race time and as I always aim to start on time if you are racing do not expect to roll up late and still race.  Once the race night has started that's it im afraid if you are not there you have missed it.

I wish you all good fun and a good series


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