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The automatic choice...

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The automatic choice...

Post by Skywarp 72 on 12/11/2014, 11:14 am

Not until recently have I gotten so much flack about running the automatic transmission. It hasn't been such an issue because in most previous series there has been a clutch/flywheel installed in the car to help me overcome the handicap. With this sudden disdain for my driving style, allow me to recall the series I have participated in.

Buick/Nascar Championship: 1st
Miata cup: 5th
Hypercar: 1st
Ladder racing: 2nd
Skyline series: 4th
Outlaw Series: Currently first

Numbers don't lie. Like it or not I am fast with a proper build in the automatic. Adding to that that I believe I am a clean racer (correct me if I am wrong) and bring a one of a kind element to our group (the fastest auto in forza) I cannot understand the sudden prejudice. When talking up our group, isn't it cool to shit talk to someone else by saying; "Our automatic driver is faster than you guys!"

Could I be faster in a manual? Of course. I have ran it before and have equaled my auto lap times, and with some practice could eventually circumvent faster times. However, I am a GRIP driver, on here and in real life. Running the automatic allows me to really concentrate on making up time in the corners which is what I really enjoy doing and how I enjoy playing the games. I enjoy being "that guy with the automatic" and flabbergasping drivers in public rooms and new drivers who join us. We all have a unique driving style that makes Individuals. Unique. I would think that my friends on here would not want to rob me of what makes me so unique when it comes to racing games.
Skywarp 72

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Re: The automatic choice...

Post by b macdaddy on 12/11/2014, 3:29 pm

we dont just give you shit, we give everyone shit, if we didnt like you we would even try ad give you shit, yes you are fast in a auto, but this is a tit for tat thing, if you let you problems with driving an auto known in a party or lobby setting, you are asking to get ragged on. just my 2 cents
b macdaddy

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