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Post by s0ul harv3st on 7/16/2015, 10:05 pm

I was browsing our old archives and found this gem which really nails our mission.

@Hellisan wrote:
The core of what this site has always been about is people learning about all aspects of the game, learning to tune for a race, taking that tune to the track and racing in a fair, realistic manner.  Sharing knowledge about driving, tuning, and even painting, with others.

The point of the site is to race realistically, treat others with respect, and have fun.  Obviously we cannot in all likelihood legislate that people be friendly, but the bottom line is, if you're a hardcore guy who has put half his life into this game for the past two years and is here to add another notch to your belt, you may be missing the point.  At the very least give people on the site a chance to get to know you.  Enjoy the experience and win, or lose, with class.  

Forgive a mistake here or there.  Back off if there isn't a clear passing lane.  Don't get frustrated if you can't win every single race.....

Thanks Hellisan for this statement. It truly is a timeless quote.

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