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RIP Jules Bianchi

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RIP Jules Bianchi

Post by LethalHoudini on 7/18/2015, 12:10 am

RIP Jules.

A real talent and character. You'l be greatly missed.


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Re: RIP Jules Bianchi

Post by Sniper919 on 7/19/2015, 12:53 pm

Truly a sad day in the racing world. A young man who showed great talent. I said this to Del on Kakao and he reminds me of Francious Cevert.

Both being young French drivers that were killed in racing right before their careers could take off.

For those who don't know who Francious was he was Jackie Stewarts protege. Jackie always new that Francious was quicker than himself and spent his last year's in Formula one coaching and refining Ceverts talent. When Cevert lost his life at The Glen in 1973 it cemented Jackies decision to retire.

Jules really never got the chance to show his talent. Always in the Marussia car which had always been a backmarker. Last season Jules was able to score the first points for the team at the Monaco GP. I remember how well he drove that day. He made a beautiful pass on Pastor Maldonado for I believe 8th place. He finished 9th because of a timed penalty. Regardless it was an epic drive. One that got a lot of people talking about him moving to Ferrari who he was a test driver for. Unfortunately we'll never know what he would have accomplished.

Although F1 and racing has become much safer over the years its still dangerous. I think about Dan Weldon only a few years ago losing his life. Theres always room for improved saftey and hopefully Jules death will be the last in Formula One. Its unrealistic but im sure if you told Jackie Stewart in 1973 that there would be a 21 year period where NO F1 driver would lose their life he would laugh. The last being Roland Ratzenberger and Ayrton Senna in Imola 1994.

RIP Jules #17


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