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Racer Gate 2016

Post by s0ul harv3st on 2/13/2016, 11:13 am

After a seemingly minor issue on our forums several days ago with a bit of back and forth on the forums over a quasi sensitive subject (TCS usage), some major problems with our site were uncovered. Here are the results of our investigation.

rockethamsterz: 1 Month Probation
Rocket has received a 1 month probation for his part in the public argument that took place on our forums.

F3ar0ftheF1AT: Lifetime Probation
Fiat would have received the same 1 month probation if not for his previous history.

LethalHoudini: 1 Month Probation
Del was given a 1 month probation for in party behavior.

HONUSDAN: 1 Month Probation and an Indefinite Administrative Leave
Dan received the 1 month probation for his part in the public argument as well as in party behavior.
Dan received this administrative leave for his complicity in Skywarps sand bagging incident. Dan knew about the issue and never brought the full details to the attention of the other admin to be dealt with properly. Instead Dan punished this unscrupulous behavior within his series by reducing PI. This was seen by us and many of our drivers as nepotism because his punishment was far less sever than was required for, as well as would have traditionally applied for such an infraction.

Skywarp 72: 120 day Ban + a 120 day probation - Revocation of Trial Admin Rights - Stripped of Miata championship trophy.
During investigation of the incident on the forum it was brought to our attention with undeniable proof that Skywarp intentionally sand bagged in a series so as to be placed in a class lower than he should have been placed thereby handing him the championship. In our opinion, Skywarp had also used his power as an administrator to manipulate a probated driver in to performing on track misbehavior as well as collaborate with the sand bagging and cover up.

Final Note:
As administration of the site, we are sorry that we did not know that this had gone on or that it was causing such an uproar until a few days ago. We take full responsibility for the lack of timely response but hope that these penalties are considered a proper and just penalty for the infractions that occurred.

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