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Welcome to our new members

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Welcome to our new members

Post by LethalHoudini on 5/9/2012, 1:13 pm

Thanks to OZ DA RULER we have had a few new members join RR with a view to run in a new ALMS series Oz is working hard on to get up and running and I believe hes just waiting on the Porsche's to drop before he kicks it off. Firstly Thank you Oz for choosing our site to run your series on and im sure you'l find all our members helpful and welcoming. Also id like to welcome the new guy's to our site and we hope you all have fun here with us. Might I just ask you all to read and understand all of our site and driving rules just so you know whay we expect from you as drivers and members etc before you hit the track as we expect all members to act in accordance to our rules. Please feel free to enter any series you see pop up but only if you feel you can commit to the main majority of races for that series. We also ask that if your not able to make a race you let the race director for that series know so he can keep as close to his race times as possible. Also just to let you know we are considering a rule that says 3 missed races without letting anyone know could result in expulsion from that league (like I say it's being thought about at the moment). I know it seems we can look a little strict on our rules etc but it works and were not that bad really when you get used to how we work here. I haven't had the pleasure of meeting or racing with you all yet but im sure that will change in time. We hope you all have a great time here with us and please feel free to message sng73 and myself for anything you wish to know or want etc. I think we still have a driver number or 2 to sort but that will be done withing a day or so so please bear with us.

Good luck guys


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