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Another fun weekend in the books

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Another fun weekend in the books

Post by Guest on 5/22/2012, 3:09 pm

This is what I was coming back from when I got tied up in traffic on Saturday:

Advanced Combat Pistol Marksmanship

We shot at ranges from 5 to 40 yards. Most strings of fire were 2 to COM (center of mass) and one to the face.

After doing some free standing work, we shot from some more unconventional positions:

After that, the instructors put out some sporting clays at 40 yards. Each student chose whichever position they wanted to use and the instructors walked their shots in. Through some combination of luck and skill, I knocked the center out of one with my first shot. Dead center on a 4" disc at 40 yards. Not too shabby!

To finish out the day, the instructors put up new face targets and we emptied 2 magazines into them from 10 yards out. I ended up sending 35 rounds down range rapid fire. This is what I ended up with:

And the face target that was up all day through all of the drills. Notice that the only "miss" skimmed the neck, and that was during the rapid fire shooting at the end:

That's over 100 rounds of the 250 I shot on Saturday. At ranges out to 40 yards.


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