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Introducing the 3S Design Paint Shop

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Introducing the 3S Design Paint Shop

Post by Sniper919 on 6/22/2012, 6:00 pm

Mission Statement:
The intention of this paint shop is to create designs and vinyl groups primarily for forum members, but we are also willing to make paints for non-members. Of course Realistic Racing members will have priority.

For an extended period of time Shane (s0ul harv3st), Sublime, and myself have been creating designs and vinyl groups for people on Forza usually as side jobs along with our own personal paints. We we're speaking recently about how we all assist each other when painting designs. Whether it be one of us asking for an opinion or help with a vinyl group or design. It was Shane who said, "Why don't we start a paint shop? We already help each other as it is, why not just work together to make the best paints on Forza." Sublime and I agreed and the rest as they say is soon to be history.

We would like to thank Realistic Racing for giving us the opportunity and web-space to host our paint shop. Thank you to Del and Steve for allowing us to do this. We believe it will benefit the Realistic Racing forum as well as its members that utilize our abilities. I would also like to thank s0ul harv3st and THF dvsSublime for making this possible. Without them there would not be a 3S Designs Paint Shop. We would also like to thank DearChelseanut and DirtyDawg73 for contributing their services when and where they can. I'd like to add that at this time anybody can contribute. We at 3S Designs not only are going to paint custom designs and vinyl groups, but we would also like assist in improving your vinyl designing skills. Remember this has been created for YOU.

Vinyl Design – This is obvious. We are here to paint cars as per your request. We offer anything from replicas to all original fictional race liveries. We also offer custom vinyl groups and replicated logos.

Logo Trading Post - We will be maintaining a Logo swap. This means that if you can create a good quality logo that we can use to enhance our current library, we will purchase or trade you for it. You will also be free to trade amongst yourselves.

Limited Edition Cars – We will also be offering fully designed and tuned vehicles from time to time.

Vinyl Editing Training – We are more than willing to assist you with tips and pointers on designing logos and vinyls.

Design Contests – From time to time we will be holding competitions for designs and logos. This means we pick a theme and you paint it. If you are chosen as the winner you will not only have the pride of being the top designer for that contest but you also get CR.

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