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Post by Sniper919 on 7/23/2012, 12:49 pm


Issue #1 July 2012

It has been a month since the 3S Designs Paint Shop was launch back in late june. This newsletter will document our progress along with information about upcoming events. We'd like to first again thank Realistic Racing and its admin DelZaster and s n g 73 for allowing us to open our paintshop.

That being said lets get to whats been going on. We should start by saying our Limited Edition launch cars were a huge success. We sold a total of 31! An amayzing number, one that we did not expect to see. We also had two Limited Edition 4th of July/Independance day cars that we sold 7 of. That a total of 38 LE sales in one month. Its incredible number and we at 3S Designs would like to thank all of Realistic Racing for there support.

We also recieved a 6 design request in the past month. We have completed all but one up to this point. Some are still awaiting pick up. So if your one of those people please contact any 3S Design Member. That brings our total up to 45 cars in one month. Your probably saying that number should be 44 but one request was for 2 cars. All in all it was an amayzing opening month. We hope that all of you have been spreading the word about us as we are always looking for more challanges.

We had mentioned when we we're putting this shop together that we would be putting some of our earnings back into realistic racing. Well here is our first 3S Designs Competition:

We are looking for a Vynal Group of this:

Thats right the logo on the opening page of this very webiste. We will only be asking for the text "Realistic Racing". The GRAND PRIZE will be 5 MILLION FORZA CREDITS!!! Yes, your reading that right.

A couple of rules:

1) No 3S Design Member is allowed to compete in the competition.

2) The Design can not use any negative space to form the letter.

3) The vynal group must be kept to under 300 layers.

The winner will recieve 5 million credits in tern we will be asking for the logo unlocked. We would like to use this on public lobby cars in the future.

The competition will go from 7/23/2012 to 8/06/2012 at Midnight PST. That is the cut-off for the design and must be sent to us before that time. If you send it at 12:01, you're entry will not be judged. The judgeing will be done by the paintshops fulltime members. The winner may also be invited into the paintshop if the original members agree upon it.

We will also be holding a photo competition that will be announced sometime soon so check back for more information. As well as our third instalment of Limited Edition cars. We wont give away too much but the cars will be B Class 500 cars. again these would primarily be used for public lobby racing.

We hope you have enjoyed the first edition of the 3S Designs Newsletter as well as our paintshop. Anyone with any ideas?concerns please contact a 3S Designs member.

Thank you Realistic Racing and its members,
3S Desings


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