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Advert for recruiting night. Please feel free to comment/suggestions

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Advert for recruiting night. Please feel free to comment/suggestions

Post by Sniper919 on 9/23/2012, 3:35 pm


Realistic Racing has been running for about 3 years now as an invite only site. We are a friendly group of sim gamers that hang out together in parties, chatting and playing nearly every day, even if we are on different games. So we are more of a social gaming site than just a racing site. The Realistic Racing site is basically a vehicle for our members to run and play what they like, because we built/maintain the site ourselves. If we have a group that wants a forum for a new game we can add that pretty quickly and as long as it is used, it stays.

Once we get to know members we let them run there own events, so our members get a big say in what goes on, on Realistic Racing. Realistic Racing currently has a few series which will be starting soon or have already started:

Steve’s Peugeot 207 Super 2000 Championship (Currently Running):

The AWD Peugeot 207 is a quick/nimble car that can really put down some lap times. Put a field of 16 together with spec builds and you have a very close and exciting series. The Series started September 3rd and will be running until October 15th on Monday nights at 2AM GMT (9PM EST).

Forza FIA GT1 Championship presented by 3S Designs & Realistic Racing (Starting Soon):

Are you a fan of the FIA GT1 Championship? Looking for a series where you’ll see purpose built Ferrari’s, Ford’s, and McLaren’s? Running nose to tail around some of the worlds best circuits? If so, races will be held on Sundays at 7PM GMT (2PM EST).

Lotus Elise Cup (Starting Soon):

Nothing says fun like a Lotus Elise. These small compact cars can really fly and with some upgrades they can run with the big boys. This series will again be spec with different brake pressures available to fit your driving style. The Lotus Elise Cup will be held on Tuesdays at 2AM GMT (9PM EST).

The Real Deal ALMS League (Season 2 Starting Soon):

After an amazing first season the RDALMS will return on the same night, Wednesdays with qualifying starting at 1:30GMT (8:30 EST) followed soon after by the race. Season 2 changes are being discussed at this time, so not much information is available. But, if Season 2 is as good as Season 1 reserve your spot early.

IMSA GT3 PORSCHE Cup presented by Speedmerchants (Starting Soon):

The IMSA PORSCHE Cup series is one of the most competitive series around. Using purpose built GT3’s, drivers will have to be on top of their game to win the championship. Starting date and race times are unavailable at this time.

Formula D series presented by Realistic Racing & 3S Designs (Starting Soon):

There is a sense of satisfaction when you kick a car side ways while keeping it controlled through a corner. Not to mention the smoke billowing from the tires. If that caught your attention then the Formula D series presented by Realistic Racing & 3S Designs is the place for you. The series is currently in the final stages of completion and will be periodically testing until the start in a few weeks. Races will be held on Tuesday nights at 2am GMT(9PM EST). Prizes will be provided from the 3S Designs Paint Shop which include the Grand Prize of 7Million forza credits.


Vintage Le Mans Series presented by 3S Designs and Realistic Racing (Coming Soon)

Other Non-Race series events:

3S Design's Paint Shop - Established in June by Sniper919, s0ul harv3st, and THF dvsSublime, creates custom paints and logos in Forza 4, as well as replicas. 3S Design's also holds competitions in which anyone can enter for a chance of winning prizes. Limited Edition paints are also available every few months or so, which can be bought with a tune to race in public lobbies. They are very friendly and approachable and can be reached most of the time on XBL or Realistic Racing.

WGRcngOnlyTwstd’s Racing School

Established in September of 2012, WGRcngOnlyTwstd's racing school will aid/ improve driving skills as well as race craft. Our very own WGRcngOnlyTwstd or Tolley will be instructing a small group of drivers and teach them everything he knows. If interested please contact Tolley.

Fifa 12 League - Established in May by Luongo27, is now into its second season. 2 games are played each week to ensure the season continues moving at a good pace. Games are played for 10 Minutes without a Virtual Pro on the team. Season 2 has a maximum team level of 3 stars and will run into October 12'.

Fifa 12 Club Team - Established in April by DelZaster and now coached by DearChelseanut, the RR Fifa club is improving by the day. Pro Clubs are usually played on Monday nights but can be played at any other time.

TW13 World Tour - Established in March by DelZaster and ran by DearChelseanut, run normally every week from Monday (3AM GMT) to the following Monday at the same time. We will continue to play on Tiger Woods 13' and will not be going to 14 when it comes out.

Battlefield 3 Platoon - Established in July by Boosted 93, The RR Battlefield Platoon is a new addition to the site. We have had our own servers and play on a regular basis.

We have about 70 members and have always recruited by word of mouth and have never advertised our site anywhere before. The time has come and we would like to grow our member base with good reliable sim gamers. We are only looking for clean racers so whether you are new to Forza or a Forza veteran, that doesn't matter as we have a wide spread of different speed drivers. We also ask our quicker guys to help out the newer guys with racing lines or tuning help, etc. That way everyone can get something from our site.

Our aim to increase our member numbers is to hold a Forza Race Trial Night on -------------- at ------------- where anyone interested in joining our site can drop in and run a few races with a few of our members. After the race night has finished, the members will hold a meeting to discuss each new applicant and decide whether you are accepted/asked to run another trial or declined. Once the meeting is over you will be notified via Xbox message of their decision. If you intend to run in this trial event, please post below indicating so. If this works well we will hold more nights like this

We enforce all of our site rules to make sure we can keep a good, fun, and fair place for all of our members.
So please make sure you have visited and read our rules before turning up to this event.



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Re: Advert for recruiting night. Please feel free to comment/suggestions

Post by je11yfish 15 on 9/23/2012, 3:36 pm

good stuff sir
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