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Post by Sniper919 on 10/12/2012, 1:18 pm


Issue #2 Oct 2012

It feels like only yesterday when the 3S Designs Paint Shop opened in June. The days have really been rolling past. First off I want to that Realistic Racing and its members for your continued support. Without you this wouldn't be possible. We at 3S Designs would like to apologize for the second issue release taking as long as it has. We originally anticipated one every month, but after looking at our availability changes may be made. Regardless this Newsletter will keep you up to date with past, present, and future events.

It has been roughly 3 months since the original issue of the 3S Designs Newsletter appeared. Much has happened which will all be covered in this extended issue. Including Design Request, Giving Back to Realistic Racing, and Future Opportunities.


We'll start with design request. We have been secretly working on a few LE cars that will be released at an undisclosed date in the "near" future. What I can say is that there will be one replica and one custom design available as of right now. A possible 3rd car may be included depending on time restraints. There will be a limited number available when released so if you'd like one of the few available you must visit the site. You wouldn't want to miss it.

Although no Limited Edition cars have been released since the previous issue was released, we have had many design requests. From July 23rd we have received 20 requests for either full designs or logos. A very good number in our eyes that we will hope continues. We will be closing the shop soon for a couple of weeks for Design Request due to a number of reasons. You may still place request but like before a request will be placed on a waiting list. More detailed information about the shop temporarily closing will be available at a later date.


Originally our plan was to not only paint designs and logos for people but to sponsor and run events within the community since our last issue we have done as much to give back as possible.

Our 3S Designs Painting Competition was disappointing to say the least. Although the winner did a wonderful job on the previous logo of the website, he was the ONLY participant to make an entry. This worried us greatly. To those who think the only reason we did this was to get the logo unlocked and with full rights was that we weren't capable of doing it ourselves is completely false. We could have had that done in a few hours if we need it for a request. But instead we though it would be a great opening competition for everyone. Again Congratulations Luongo27 on winning the first ever 3S Designs Painting Competition. You did an amazing job that hasn't gone unnoticed.

Our next competition was the 3S Designs Lottery in which anyone who made a request and paid for it was entered in a drawing for a 3S Design Credit worth 6 Million Forza Credits. We'd like to thank s n g 73 for pulling the names from the hat for us. We had a total of 3 people who won the lottery. The first two did not contact us in order to verify the prize. However DearChelseanut won and claimed his prize last week. Again Congratulations Chelsea on winning the first 3S Design Lottery.

We also hosted a 3S Designs Hotlap Challenge, which was run at the Ladera Test Track with a Volvo S60 R-Design. The Challenge ran for a few weeks with only 5 participants (not including paint shop members) who completed a lap. These numbers are disappointing to say the least.

This brings us to something that we'd like to make very clear. We like being on Realistic Racing, we like the people involved with the site, and we like the way things are managed. However when we hear that people are complaining about us and that we are in it just for ourselves we get a bit aggravated. Look at those three competitions and think about your complaints. We are willing to give out prizes for effort alone, which although has not been stated in the original competition rules is something we will do and planned on doing. Please enter our competitions regardless of skill or ability, we notice people who put in an effort.


We have also begun sponsoring series on Realistic Racing. The number is, well very high but we are happy to help out. Anyone looking for sponsorship please contact us as we will offer what we can. We have also been contacted to design the new number plates for the Forza Sports Car Series (FSCS). In return we will be getting our logo as a required series decal as well as our own section on their forum. We want to ensure the Realistic Racing community that it will be only for Design Request. Things like LE cars, competitions, ect will only be available here at Realistic Racing.

We recently have been considering looking for other painters to join us. If interested please contact a member of 3S designs. You should be prepared to show your work.

Anyone with concerns, questions, or comments in general please contact a 3S Designs Member.

Thank you Realistic Racing and its members,
3S Designs


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