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Rules & Regulations

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Rules & Regulations

Post by LethalHoudini on 10/13/2012, 3:02 pm


Before this series starts there will be a qualification night which will consist of a 10 lap race where everyone is in the amateur class with collisions off so I can place drivers into the classes and I will post what class your in for the series within 2 days of this night. For the series races both collisions and damage will be on. For this series to work properly it will need a minimum of 10/12 committed drivers, if we don't get 10/12 drivers I will change the series to only 1 car class.

Day: Sunday 7.30pm Gmt/EST -5/CST -6

Car: 2012 PORSCHE 911 GT2 RS
Class: S697
Tune & Build: The build is on my storefront with a tune if you wish to use it however you can get the build and strip the tune if you wish to tune it yourself. ALL CARS MUST RUN MY BUILD

Car: 2007 PORSCHE 911 GT3 RS
Class: S605
Tune & Build: The build is on my storefront and you are free to tune it how you like. ALL CARS MUST RUN MY BUILD

I would like to see all cars with an authentic Porsche artwork regardless of what series that artwork runs in or has ran in. There are a few mandatory vinyl groups that MUST be placed on your car which can get from my storefront for free. Your car must have you RR number on the doors and the rear of your car.
There is a number board for both doors and a class plate for the rear of the car as well as you will require my Michelin logo on the front and rear of the car in the plate holder. Please see the pics of my car in the gallery for vinyl placement.

Also: I would suggest not painting a car as you don't know what class you will be placed in unless you want to paint both cars or resize it once you know the class your in.

Assists Allowed
any racing Line
Any View
Damage will be set to simulation

Driving Rules
Please can all drivers make sure you have read & understood the RR driving rules as they will be implemented

Points System
Attendence Points
If you miss a week you will be deducted 3 pts
If you quit a race by choice you will be deducted 5 pts so if you get damage pit

Qually Points
Pole - 3 pts
2nd - 2 pts
3rd - 1 pts

Race Points
1st - 16 pts
2nd - 14 pts
3rd - 12 pts
4th - 9 pts
5th - 8 pts
6th - 7 pts
7th - 6 pts
8th - 5 pts
9th - 4 pts
10th - 3 pts

It will be 2 races per night plus qually. Race 1 will be in order of qually results and race 2 will be reverse lobby points per class. Race 2 will require a pit stop between laps 4 and 9 ( the earliest you can pit is at the end of lap 4 and the latest you can pit is at the end of lap 8 )

4 lap qually each week

Sunday 21st October - Class Identification Race - Silverstone GP 10 Laps

Sunday 28th October
Race 1 - Road America - 8 Laps
Race 2 - Road America - 12 Laps with pit stop

Sunday 4th November
Race 1 - Motegi Full- 8 Laps
Race 2 - Motegi Full- 12 Laps with pit stop

Sunday 11th November
Race 1 - Mugello Full - 8 Laps
Race 2 - Mugello Full - 12 Laps with pit stop

Sunday 18th November
Race 1 - Road Atlanta Full - 8 Laps
Race 2 - Road Atlanta Full - 12 Laps with pit stop

Sunday 25th November - Thanks Giving Break

Sunday 2nd December
Race 1 - Suzuka Full - 8 Laps
Race 2 - Suzuka Full - 12 Laps with pit stop

Sunday 9th December - Double Point Race Season Finale
Nordschleife - Random Grid - 8 Laps with pit stop between laps 3 & 5 ( the earliest you can pit is at the end of lap 3 and the latest you can pit is at the end of lap 4 )

3/4 cars on lap 1 only after that you will need pit

If you lagout it will be treated as a car failure but as you attended the race you will be 3 points better off than someone that didn't show. If you lagout inside the last three laps I will talk with the drivers in front and behind you and if it is obvious where you would have finished you will be awarded half points for that position. I am trying this so poeple at least can get something from a race for there time and commitment and it requires honesty, and cooperation from all drivers for it to work and it is because we have good members I feel it can work.

I will review the replays and hand out penalties that fit the crime as I see fit and if needed. All drivers must save the replay and you maybe asked to send them to me for my reviews.

Race Chat
During the races we will be in game chat and because of the nature of this series I think there will be close racing so please can we call overtaking moves where possible. Also please keep chat to a minimum until the last car has crossed the line

Start time
The lobby will be open 15 mins before start time. If you miss qually you will NOT be allowed to join that night or spectate the race as this can cause lag spikes etc

As you will see I am trialing a few new rules in this series as I am interested to see how they play out in a points, attendance, lagout, quitting etc during a race situation so I can evaluate whether they are worth implementing, tweaking or scrapping for the future.

Once signups are done I will select a person to run things if I need to be away etc.


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