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Realistic Racing AMLS 2000 - Rules & Regs

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Realistic Racing AMLS 2000 - Rules & Regs

Post by Guest on 12/17/2012, 11:29 pm

Hey guys, some of you know me, but for those that don't here's a quick run down. Myself and Boost been in positions of running leagues, administrating leagues and generally league racing for a very long time now, and we've been interested in running a league for a while now that does things the way we think they should be done. And well, long story short, after talking with Del and Sniper for a little, Del has been nice enough to give us a spot here at Realistic to run this league.

The rule set, while long, is fairly standard but Boost and I have found that if we don't layout every little thing from the start it could lead to some confusion. So hopefully everything here is clear for everyone, but if it isn't feel free to ask and we'll give you an answer.

Revision 1.0 - 12/17/12

Realistic Racing ALMS 2000
3 Classes - 7 Races


1.0 Base Info
2.0 Qualifying and Race Settings
3.0 Rolling Start Procedure
4.0 Points System
5.0 Regulations
6.0 Paint Regulations
7.0 Mandatory Parts
8.0 Unavailable Parts
9.0 Available Cars
10.0 Race Schedule
11.0 Penalty System
12.0 Miscellaneous Rules
13.0 Closing Statement

Base Info:

Multi-Class - Season 1
Thursday Nights
Qualifying starts @ 8:00pm EST/1:00am GMT – Race starts @ 8:20pm EST/1:20am GMT

Qualifying and Race Settings:

2.1 – Qualifying will be 5 laps. 1 Out lap, 3 flying laps and 1 cool down lap to get times
2.2 – Collisions off for qualifying, 6 sec. roll off
2.3 – If a drivers best lap is dirty they will be placed at the rear of the field
2.4 – Race will be a rolling start @ 60mph/96kph
2.4 - 1 Mandatory pit stop for races 1h30m and under, 2 mandatory pit stops for 2 hour races
[For 1h races the pit window is 10 minutes to 50 minutes. For 1h30m races the pit window is 10 minutes to 1 hour 20 minutes. For 2 Hour race the pit window for the first stop is 10 minutes to 50 minutes, the pit window for the second stop is 1 hour 10 minutes to 1 hour 50 minutes. You don’t have to be perfect but try to be close]
2.5 – A Driver may pre-qualify if you will be late. Please contact an Admin or Steward to pre-qualify. If you pre-qualify you may not take part in the standard qualifying event
2.6 A driver may also pre-race. If a driver pre-races, a time and a replay must be sent to an Admin or Steward, if both are not sent then the time will not count. If you pre-race and are then able to make the race, you will be allowed to race if you wish.
2.7 If there is more than one room then a 3 second penalty per car in the above room will be added to the lower rooms overall time.
2.8 If a driver drops out of the room but is still able to continue the race in their own room, their time will still count, but there will be a 30sec penalty added on top of any penalty they may already have. (Driver was in B room and there are 16 drivers on A room then there will be a 78sec overall penalty)
2.9 Restarts will only be allowed if there is a lag related incident, or crash involving 4 or more cars within the first lap of the race. Anything after that you will just have to live with.
2.10 - Collisions and sim damage will be on for the race
2.11 These are timed races, whenever the timer runs out the race ends

Rolling Start Procedure:

3.1 - The out lap will be done at a reasonable speed (e.g. <100mph/160kph)
3.2 – As you near the last hand full of corners the speed should drop to 60 mph/96kph and all cars should bunch up to a reasonable distance
3.3 – The race starts as soon as the leader crosses the Start/Finish
3.4 – Starts are single file

(Points are based on race length and are awarded on a per-class basis)

- 2 Hour races
1st: 30 - 2nd: 26 - 3rd: 23 - 4th: 20 - 5th: 18 - 6th: 16 - 7th: 14 - 8th: 13 - 9th: 12 - 10th & Lower: 11

- 1h 30m Races
1st: 25 - 2nd: 21 - 3rd: 18 - 4th: 15 - 5th: 13 - 6th: 11 - 7th: 9 - 8th: 8 - 9th: 7 - 10th & Lower: 6

- 1 Hour races
1st: 20 - 2nd: 16 - 3rd: 13 - 4th: 10 - 5th: 8 - 6th: 6 - 7th: 4 - 8th: 3 - 9th: 2 - 10th & Lower: 1
+ 2 Points per class for getting pole position in qualifying.

Team Points:

4.2 - Team points are calculated by both drivers and combining their total points [Inc. any and all bonus points and point penalties.]
4.3 - All drivers in a team must be in the same class and the same base paint


5.1 - Assists:
Braking line for the first season only
ABS Forced Off
TCS Forced Off
STM Forced Off
Simulation or Normal steering only
Drivers choice on shifting type [Auto, Manual or Manual w/Clutch]
5.2 – Max of 2 drivers per team
5.3 – Teams must be in the same car and the paint must be very similar (E.g. Different secondary color and/or different main sponsor is fine)

Paint Regulations:

6.1 – A replica or some-what period correct paint (E.g. Absolutely no ‘Monster Energy’ or similar sponsors)
6.2 - Your number must be on the side and hood of your car in a style of you choosing

Mandatory Parts:

7.1 – All cars receive Race Brakes and Race Driveline
7.2 – In GTS, the 2005 #31 Porsche 996 911 GT3-RSR has the Restrictors removed (560hp) and receives full upgraded tire width (290mm Front, 330mm Rear)
7.3 – In GT, the 2001 #6 BMW M3 GTR receives 300mm front tire width and 320mm rear tire width

Unavailable Parts:

8.1 – Any engine upgrades, unless noted above
8.2 – Any tire upgrades, unless noted above
8.3 Any aftermarket rims [Must use stock wheels]

Available Cars:

2006 #2 Audi R8
1999 #15 BMW V12 LMR
2006 #6 Cadillac LMP-02
1998 Ferrari #12 F333 SP
2003 #11 Panoz LMP-01

2004 #3 Chevy Corvette C5.R
2003 #126 Dodge Viper GTS-R
2005 #31 Porsche 996 911 GT3-RSR
2003 #2 Saleen S7R

2001 #6 BMW M3 GTR
2005 #31 Porsche 996 911 GT3-RSR

Race Schedule:

(Season 1)
1. Sebring Full – 2 Hours – Jan. 3rd
2. Sunset Short Rev. - 1 Hour 30 Minutes – Jan. 10th
3. Iberian Full Rev. – 1 Hour – Jan. 17th
4. [*]Le Mans Full – 2 Hours – Jan. 24th
5. Infineon Full – 1 hour – Jan. 31st
6. Laguna Seca – 1 Hour 30 Minutes – Feb. 7th
7. Road Atlanta – 2 Hours – Feb. 24th

[* Mid-season endurance race will be reverse points grid order]

Penalty System:

11.1 - Minor: 5 Point penalty
11.2 - Moderate: 10 Point penalty
11.3 - Major: 15 Point penalty
11.4 - 1 Race Suspension [May be combined with an above penalty]
11.5 - Removal from the league

[All penalties are set unanimously by all RR ALMS 2000 Admin’s and Steward’s and all penalties are finale.]

Miscellaneous Rules:

12.1 - It is up to the passing car to make the pass safely, whether or not you are in the same class. Failure to race safely may result in point penalties and/or suspensions/removal from the series.
12.2 - If you are being passed by a higher class, HOLD YOUR RACE LINE. Leave room when they get next to you, otherwise run your normal race line and try to stay predictable. Failure to race safely may result in point penalties and/or suspensions/removal from the series.
12.3 - If there is any reasonably avoidable incidents it will be looked at after the race. We have zero tolerance for dirty driving. Failure to race safely may result in point penalties and/or suspensions/removal from the series.
12.4 - No corner cutting in anyway. If there is no room to pass, then there is no room to pass. Failure to race safely may result in point penalties and/or suspensions/removal from the series.
12.5 - You must use the full pit lane when entering and exiting. Point penalties will be added if not followed.
12.6 - You may not, at any time, drive over the pit in/out line under normal racing conditions. Point penalties will be added if not followed.
12.7 - The only no passing zone is in your judgment. We won’t stop a bold move if you can hold it, but drivers will be severely penalized for unnecessary car contact.
12.8 - Blue Flags: Lapped cars should, when safe, allow the lead lap cars to pass by. Make your intensions early and on a long straight.
12.9 - There are no REWARDS, this is a spec series while letting everyone’s car be slightly different.
12.10 - If one car is seen dominating the field there may be an adjustment, but is not done because of one driver and it is highly unlikely to be done mid-season
12.11 - Any reasonably avoidable incidents will be reviewed. Accidents happen and rubbing is racing, but damaging someone’s car because of impatience or negligence is not tolerated here. Penalties WILL be given
12.12 - Only one blocking move may be used before each turn. You can zig but not zag
12.13 - If you run off the track while near other cars WAIT before coming back on, let the track clear up first. Penalties may be handed out if not followed
12.14 - If while passing a car you accidentally cut the corner, at the next possible opportunity you must give the position back
12.15 - If someone is racing dirty with you and you retaliate to get ‘revenge’ you will receive a penalty as well. Let them go, save the replay and inform an Admin or Steward. It will be handled
12.16 - Lastly, have respect for your fellow drivers, both on and off the track. A little banter about how Chevy sucks or Team bickering is all well and good. Just keep the drama out, if you have a problem with someone, PM an Admin or Steward and it will be taken care of. Thanks!

Closing Statement:

These are very different cars in different classes. Clean racing isn't an option, it's mandatory. We don't mean to sound overly strict about this and suck the fun out of it, we just want to make it clear that this is for clean racing only. A little bit of damage can kill these cars and none of us want that. Smile

We’re happy to answer any questions. Just please read the rules twice before you ask.

Realistic Racing ALMS 2000

Series Admin’s:
SSRT DWilkerson – Boostbeef
Series Stewart’s:


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