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A quick update

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A quick update

Post by LethalHoudini on 1/4/2013, 5:43 pm

I would like to welcome all the new guys to RR and we hope you have fun and good times here. Also id like to thank Danbre and xman for bringing a series to the site and we wish you all the best with them. I would also like to thank Chelsea and Sublime for making the IMSA Cup as good as it looks, I have to say weve been around for 3 years now and put a lot of hard work into making things happen it is awesome for me to a series with 32 registered drivers. As you all know weve had some testing times over the years but all the hard work seems to finally be paying off which is great to see. I would also like to thank Sniper and s0ulharv3st for taking up the off of becoming co-owners as I just wouldn't be able to cope LOL. I would also like to thank them for all their help and Shane buddy your continued hours you put into the site work you do is just awesome mate we all hank you very much. I would also like to thank RAFT Rowdy for accepting the invitation to take up our off of becoming an Admin on the site and also for taking on the job for making the trophy sigs etc that has saved me a some time for sure so thank buddy. I would also like to thank Danbre and xman who are bringing 2 new series to RR very soon as well as the new guys you have brought along we really appreciate that guys. I would also like to thank all our members because without your continued support RR doesn't exist so thank you all good job guys. I would also like to make a special mention finally after some hard work in getting the Hellimonster back to Forza that is juts great news to me, for those of you that don't know Hellisan is a great friend to both RR and myself and I have missed chasing his ass round the track hugely so welcome back sir and let the fun begin lol. I know this is pretty a list of thank you's etc but I tell ya these are very exciting times for me to see an idea that started 3 years ago and go through what have and to see it really start to succeed is just a great feeling for me and to see so many guys having fun and doing what we love without the need for us to put up with public lobby nonsense is great. Also for those of you that haven't seen we have our own pait so if you can't or don't feel like painting your own car those guys will sort you out whether it be for a series here or elsewhere obviously for a Forza credit fee but RR guys do get a decent discount and the great thing is the paintshop puts a chunk of the money it makes back into the sponsoring of series etc and running competitions so both RR and the 3S Design's paintshop is a great combination. That being said t the moment the paintshop is closed so the guys can have a break but im pretty sure will be re-opening soon so check it out because there work is awesome. I also know they are looking for another painter or maybe 2 so if your interested in doing that please contact sniper919 or s0ulharv3st. OMG i intended on doing a few lines but hey you all know me LMAO.

I wish you all a very safe and happy new year and great racing year here on RR.

May the Forza be with you


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