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Yellow Flag Procedures (if needed)

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Yellow Flag Procedures (if needed)

Post by s0ul harv3st on 1/4/2013, 8:44 pm

Under yellow flags I can't stress enough how important awareness is of what guys around you are doing.

You race as normal until it is a definite yellow flag incident do not slow down if you are unsure bout this. If the guy in front of you is not slowing then you do not as this could cause trouble for cars behind you however be aware he may slow so be awake and alert to this. Once you are sure slow down gradually even moving off the racing line if need be but please always be aware of whats going on around you. You are looking to run at about 60 mph however this is not a strict speed its a guide and you only go at this pace when it is safe to do so look at about 2/3 corners etc to achieve the yellow flag pace. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO WARM TYRES ETC UNTIL IT IS SAFE TO DO SO N GIVE DRIVERS ROOM TO DO THIS

Please remember it is the lead drivers job to manage and dictate the pace sensibly to allow the pack 2 group do not be afraid that your getting near to a new lap do not rush things another lap in most cases would not be worse than a smash etc. We could even choose to add a lap to the race distance to deal with this.

When the pack is grouped again the lead driver picks up the pace out of the last corner (be aware the lead driver can pick up pace at any time once he enters the turn. don't get caught out lol) and heads towards race speed the race restarts at the start/finish line NO OVERTAKING CAN TAKE PLACE UNTIL YOUR CAR HAS CROSSED THE LINE.

It is down to everyone realizing it is hard to be a lead driver in this situation so please any info a driver can give to him is appreciated that way the grid can regroup quickly and safely and everyone knows what is expected of them under yellow flag rules.

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