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Contact Definitions and Rules

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Contact Definitions and Rules

Post by s0ul harv3st on 1/6/2013, 7:44 pm

Trading paint is two or more cars trying not to hit each other in tight competition, it does not mean bumper nudging someone off the racing line so you can overtake!

Accidents are just that. No one wants to end their own or your race however that does not mean the offender should get off free from penalty. Accidental contact is subject to penalty based on the severity and fault of the accident. Series Coordinators will have final say on all contact within the series where the accident occurred. Understand we encourage all of our series admin to collude on assessing the fault and type of penalty to be applied in each particular situation.

Nobody is here to lose the race, however, we all take a turn too hard or brake too late trying to overtake someone we really should not have. This is the cause of most accidental contact. If you are found to be repeatedly causing accidental contact due to aggressive driving a website wide warning will be applied. This means your aggressive behavior is put on notice for all series you run in. I can not stress to you how important it is to not to let it get to this point where you are warned for consistent aggressive driving.

Malicious contact will be swiftly and severely punished. This is up to and including series ejection and website ban.

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