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Evening All

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Evening All

Post by Guest on 7/22/2010, 2:10 pm

Have stuck my name on the registration list and hope to get involved.

Loved Forza 2 and almost sent Forza 3 back when i saw what they had done to the multiplayer.
Have been tolerating public lobbies since (although i did defect back to playing Forza 2 for a while!) but saw a post by Del on the Castle Combe forum and thought i'd check it out.

Organised clean racing is definietely my cuppa tea!

I race with the MS official wheel and a game racer chair, ABS on but everything else turned off and manual gears.

I prefer clean & close racing to fast racing; so am over the moon to find people who would all be happy in the same car.

Wasn't sure of the protocol so have put my details in the registration thread and fired out friend requests to all. Feel free to reject if you don't like the look of me Laughing

Not sure how many races i'll be involved in as i'm not much of a late night gamer but am free every wednesday evening for a couple of hours and a lot of other times too Very Happy

See you on track!


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Re: Evening All

Post by LethalHoudini on 7/22/2010, 2:57 pm

Welcome RR mate I hope you have a good time here. We have a few on nearly every night in a party so just jump in when you see someone about my friend. I am another Castle Combe fan usually found at Tower Corner. We haven't had this site that long so things are still being sorted out a learn't at the moment lol. I am sure you will find a good mix of set tune n build racing as well as open races both organised and jump in n go stuff as well. You can also set up your own 1 night events n series if you wish as well. Some events have prize money however we are not rich enough to give prizes all the time as Forza credits are hard to earn these days as we don't glitch etc. We have a great group of clean and fair drivers of all standards so I am sure you will always have someone to battle on track with. Obviously accidents happen n we say sorry n move on.

Do you recognise the Porsche in my sig?

We look forward to meeting you on track soon


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