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Rogue Motorsports Championship

5/2/2016, 8:19 pm by s0ul harv3st

This new series has been approved and opened for signups.
For more details you can contact Luongo27, click the Series Page link (the steering wheel link in the title), or follow this link below to view the forum directly.

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3/13/2016, 2:55 pm by LethalHoudini

Why not take a look at our new Fantasy F1 League in the Other Gaming section of the forums

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Racer Gate 2016

2/13/2016, 11:13 am by s0ul harv3st

After a seemingly minor issue on our forums several days ago with a bit of back and forth on the forums over a quasi sensitive subject (TCS usage), some major problems with our site were uncovered. Here are the results of our investigation.

rockethamsterz: 1 Month Probation
Rocket has received a 1 month probation for his part in the public argument that took place on our forums.

F3ar0ftheF1AT: …

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NSR Delirium promotion

1/20/2016, 9:22 pm by LethalHoudini

Congratulations to Delirium on being promoted to trial admin

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