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Idea for a Froza Series, think people would like it?

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Idea for a Froza Series, think people would like it?

Post by Guest on 3/18/2013, 1:53 pm

I had this idea one day that pretty much every non-prototype race car in the game from all sorts of backgrounds of well known irl series could come together in one huge league. That is something I have never seen before and I truly think it could have a lot of potential, since so many different cars and car types would be offered, providing a lot of variety and flexibility. The cars would all be spec, and individually tested vigorously to make sure it fits in with a FM Stats standard (x.x speed, etc) then reworked slightly if it has for example still too much speed, or not enough braking - just upgrade the brakes or keep an extra restrictor, for example. The four groups allowed at lobbies allows for handicaps to power or handling to be placed and different cars could be grouped into these groups based on their car type and individual stats to make them all roughly equal in performance. This whole thing would be a huge project but I think it could also turn out to be a huge hit with it's variety and ease.

I think I pretty much figured out how to upgrade all the race cars to be balanced on a by-group basis. I found that, imho, the ideal balancing point is the GT2 model, and that most of the cars of the other groups can be upgraded to perform most similarly to that class without issues.

GTR - GTR cars, which more or less perform like modern GT1s, maybe slightly better
GTS - GTS cars, which more or less perform like modern GT1s
GT1 - GT1 homologated race cars, with bigger tires and a slight grip boost
GT500 - SuperGT cars w/ 500hp, including the Hyundai Coupe+
DTM - German Touring Cars probably with a little less hp and downforce grip than the GT500 cars
GT2 - Just easy enough to bring up to par with SuperGT cars
GT300 - SuperGT cars w/ 500hp, can have restrictors removed, brakes tire widths and drivelines upgraded (where possible)
GT3 - Pretty tough cars get up to pace, but can be done with extensive upgrades bought and a bigger handicap boost applied.
SC - I think specifically the Gumpert Apollo S and some irl race cars that deserve credit, with hp caps

I think I can put together a complete list in order of in-game appearance:

=Aston Martin=
#007 DBR9 - GT1
#009 DBR9 - GT1

R8 LMS - GT3
#8 TT-R - DTM
#02 A4 - DTM
#03 A4 - DTM
#04 A4 - DTM
#05 A4 - DTM
#06 A4 - DTM

Z4 GT3 - GT3
#2 M3 GTR - GT2
#6 M3 GTR - GT2
#92 M3 GT2
#79 M3 GT2

#4 ZR1 - GT1
#3 C5.R - GTS
#4 C6.R - GT1

Viper SRT10 ACR
#2 Viper CC - GT2
#11 Viper CC - GT2
#126 Viper GTS-R - GTS
#91 Viper GTS-R - GTS

#62 F430GT - GT2
#90 F430GT - GT2
#89 F430GT - GT2
#83 F430GT - GT2
#62 458 Italia - GT2
#40 GT Mk7 - GT2

Apollo S - SC

#18 NSX - GT500

Forza Motorsport Genesis Coupe - GT500

#33 XKR GT - GT2

Diablo GT - SC
#08 Gallardo LP560-4 - GT2

#8 SC430 - GT500
#25 SC430 - GT500
#1 SC430 - GT500

Evora Type 124 Endurance Race Car - GT3

#15 MC12 - GT1

#59 MP4-12C GT3 - GT3
#43 F1 GTR - GT1
#41 F1 GTR - GT1

AMG C-Class Touring Car - DTM

MT900S - SC

#3 Z - GT300
#46 Z - GT300
#12 SKYLINE - GT500
#3 GT-R - GT500
#24 GT-R - GT500
#23 GT-R - GT500
#12 GT-R - GT500
#32 R390 GT1 - GT1

#5 Astra V8 - DTM

#17 Zonda GR - GTS

#51 Esperante GTLM - GT2
#050 Abruzzi - GT2

#66 911 GT3 Cup - GT3
#2 911 GT3 Cup - GT3
#23 911 GT3 Cup - GT3
#54 911 GT3 Cup - GT3
#31 911 GT3-RSR - GT3
#80 911 GT3-RSR - GT3
#17 911 GT3-RSR - GT3
#045 911 GT3-RSR - GT3
#26 AG 911 GT1-98 - GT1

#2 S7R - GTS

#77 IMPREZA - GT300

#6 Supra - GT500

#91 GTS-R - GT2
#93 GTS-R - GT2
(No Australian Supercars sadly, because they don't match homologated's for sh**)

Opinions? Smile


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