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Post by LethalHoudini on 12/19/2013, 3:33 pm

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Firstly I am back as a full time owner, however due to family things going on I will still need to take some days away from the site but am able now to give enough time to the running of RR.  We have a announcements to make over the next few days of things we will be putting in place that will hopefully make RR more stable going forward into the new year some of which I have listed below:

1. As you all know I have always anted 3 owners for RR both for fairness of decisions as well as sharing the work load and I am pleased to say that RR Chelsea has accepted the offer of becoming an owner so congrats to him and thank you for all your hard work.

2. We will be having the owners group added back on the site as well as the admin group.  This is because we feel there has been some confusion etc as to who is who and to just make it clearer.  So the owners are RR Chelsea, sniper919, RR Delzaster.  The owners will all be in contact via kakao talk

3. We are looking to sort the admin group and maybe add a couple of people to it and let the admin do and be the admin for the site which then lets the owners plan and move RR forward and will obviously deal with problems etc etc and work hand in hand with the admin which we think will tidy things up.

Like I say we are also looking at a few other things to make RR a better place and more organised.  One point we want to make strongly is that while we have people wanting 360 series there will be 360 series.  I still have my 360 as you all know but am unable to race due to my hands but don't panic we can still have series and races etc.

I also just want to say I was made aware of the childish behaviour that occured during and after the IMSA Cup race this week.  Firstly I will say abusive messages will not be tolerated we expect things to be handled in an adult manner.  I will also say respect should be shown by everyone and it remains that if someone is unhappy about something you should handle it in the appropriate manner.  It has never been okay nor will it ever be okay to have shouting, swearing and threatening behaviour in a party/race lobby etc.  We all understand sometimes incidents can happen and emotions can run high but we are all responsible for our own actions in the end.  All I can say at this stage is that we are in the process of sorting things regarding this incident.  1 other general point id like to make is respect should be shown by all, drivers need to respect admin, owners and race officials and those of standing need to respect the drivers etc and the reason is quite simple really without drivers we wouldn't have races and without the people to run things we wouldn't have races so both groups need each other and so everyone is equally as important as the other.  So I find myself repeating this yet again if you have a problem whether it is on track or in a party or message etc etc please deal with it in the appropriate manner, if it can't be solved by series officials feel free to bring it to the admin and/or owners and we will all do our best to sort things but the second you shout and swear at anyone in authority it's not going to help anyone.  Surely we are all old enough to sort issues in an adult manner aren't we?


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