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Themes explained

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Themes explained

Post by Skywarp 72 on 8/28/2014, 10:58 pm

All 4 nights are going to have a theme to them. Theme winners will be given extra points as well on top of the racing points for the night. Theme winners will be a majority vote of the room to be posted to the Realistic racing website the next day. There are two ways you can win theme of the night:
One: have an epic, funny or otherwise eye catching paint job on your car or cars. To get noticed it would help if this theme was on more than one or two classes of cars.

Two: Upload a funny pic of yourself to the Photo section provided in theme with that week. REMEMBER this is supposed to be a fun and light hearted series!!

Week one: Law Enforcement = Bring your best, funniest,or worst tries at cop car paints, remember you always sound a lil' taller on the radio!

Week two: = Redneck night. Beer cans, missing teeth and Snowman rain supreme tonight I reckon...

Week three: Mad Scientist night =Crazy creations of cars... S class GT cars and R class Fiats. Just don't make me and the mad scientist rip apart your block to replace the piston rings you fry!

Week four: = Chutes and Ladders = The board game is all about shortcuts. While no wrecking is allowed, white lines are for stick and ball sports tonight- We are RACERS!
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