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Driving Standards

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Driving Standards

Post by LethalHoudini on 3/18/2014, 10:25 am

Track Etiquette:
We expect good track awareness and sensible driving. This is critical to avoiding accidents.

Track Perameters
The white lines denote the edge of the track and you are expected to keep 2 wheels on the track side of the lines at all times

If you put all 4 wheels over the white line it will be viewed in the following ways:

The key is if the car gains time by crossing the line ie:
It enables the car to run the corner at a higher speed thus gaining and advantage over your competitors which will result in a penalty

If the car runs wide and loses speed or the driver realizes the mistake and safetly lifts the throttle in recognition of the cut that will work in the drivers favour and may result in no penalty given

Re-entry to the track
If you find yourself off track for whatever reason you are expected to re-enter the track at a time that is safe for all cars if that meens you have to lose places to be safe then so be it

We understand and want everyone to race but we like to keep accidents at a minimum.  My words of wisdom are it will generally deliver a quicker race time by being patient and keeping your car clean than running laps with damage.

With the above statement in mind we expect drivers to only go for sensible overtakes they feel they have a good chance of making

The defending driver may only defend the line once, so you can not for instance weave twice on a straight to prevent being overtaken.  You must chose your line and keep to it.  ie on corner entry for instance you can move from the racing line to the inside line earlier than normal to prevent the car behind getting the inside of a corner this should be done in a timely manner to avoid side swiping or braking issues by cutting up the car behind.  Then upon corner exit as long as the car is still deemed to be behind you and you have defended successfully you are free to move back to the racing line.  You are then free to do the same again at the next corner etc.

All drivers are expected to call your moves. This is only to help the driver in front be aware of your intention, It is not for the driver in front to move over for you

Both drivers are expected to be fair and give each other racing room

It is always helpful if the driver being overtaken gives a call of clear to the overtaking driver so he knows he can move to his normal line safely

A general rule is:
If overtaking in a corner once the overtaking car is level (level is deemed to be level with the front door pillar) and if the said car has the inside line he has the right to the corner and right of way.  That meens once the cars are level the car on the outside must not just sweep to the apex of the corner causing contact.   If the cars go around the corner side by side the the car on the inside must leave racing room for the other car on corner exit.  So to make it very clear if cars are level at corner entry the outside car leaves the inside car racing room and if still level on corner exit the inside car leaves racing room for the outside car.

All drivers are expected to call your pit entry and exit.  This is for 2 reasons:
1. It helps the race director keep track of who's pitted
2. Warns cars around you of your intentions

As we all know accidents happen and are a part of racing.  In these times we ask all drivers to remain calm as others are trying to race and call moves etc.  It is very easy to see an incident a certain way in the race then watch a replay and it turns out to be a little different.  We have the incident review procedure to handle such times in an efficient and fair way and you can rest assured if you are unhappy about something it can/will get sorted after the race so there is no need to shout and swear in a race lobby.

We ask all drivers to save replays please as we sometimes may ask for a copy for various reasons

Glitch Cars
Glitch cars of any kind are not permitted on RR under any circumstances

If your car gets damaged etc you are expected to pit and finish the race.  If your car becomes unable to move in a dangerous position for others then please feel free to quit.  It is not nice for a race director or RR to see cars quitting and we all put a lot of work in to make things as good as we can so please respect that and if you are able to finish please do.


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