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Post by Sniper919 on 4/11/2013, 3:29 pm


Issue #3 April 2013

Hello once again from the 3S Designs paintshop. It has been a while since our last newsletter and we apologies for the long wait. We have been very busy working on designs as well as general site business. We are already coming up on our first anniversary in June. It seems like it was only a couple months ago but time flies.

As always we would like to thank our customers for your continued support through these months. Without you there would be no paintshop. We would also like to thank Realistic Racing for promoting our work. We strive to impress and improve on each job and are looking to the future.

But with the good times comes the bad. We at 3S designs would like to apologize for the Danbre LE's. They were not up to our standards and needed to be re-painted. Because of this we took far too long getting the paints out to our customers.

Also we are currently back up against the wall. We are very greatful for all the request as it shows that you the customers are happy with our work however with the majority of the work falling into s0ul harv3st hands we have fallen very far behind. Thankfully Chelsea has recently stepped in and helped up out and we are very greatful for that as well. I will again start picking up my weight as I have taken a long break and have left Shane out on his own more or less. For those waiting on paints please be patient as we are sorting them out as quickly as possible.

We are currently working on our rules and will be updating them soon. Some things have slipped through the cracks and need to be addressed. I will announce when the new rules are posted but we ask that anyone looking to place a request re-read the rules when they are posted.

The 3S Designs paintshop will not continue to sponsor the FSCS after season X. We are looking into new ventures and are happy to have worked with them for 2 seasons.

We recently have been considering looking for other painters to join us. If interested please contact a member of 3S designs. You should be prepared to show your work. We will begin working on a advert for

Anyone with concerns, questions, or comments in general please contact a 3S Designs Member.

Thank you Realistic Racing and its members,
3S Designs


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Post by Hellisan on 4/11/2013, 11:04 pm

Great update man. I hope to one day be able to request a paint officially, etc. but can't bring myself to do it while you guys have such a queue. lol


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