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1. F3ar0fTheF1AT
2. Dragnet
3. (If needed)


This is a Spec racing series so there will be lots of close racing and the races will be plenty of time to make up positions. Also there will be qualifying so you can try your best to gain positions before the big race begins. As for crashes there will be a caution system implemented to give the members involved in the crash the ability to have a fighting chance. Therefore there will be no points penalties handed out after each race for incidents between drivers.  Further explanation of the Caution system will be covered later. The only points penalties will be handed out for drivers now following the rules or overly aggressive driving. If you are caught with the wrong build you will be removed from the series and the site admins will be contacted.


  • Max of 16 Divers - It will not be 1st come 1st served drivers will be selected on previous series reliability. Should we exceed 16 drivers there will be a waiting list created.
  • If we get more than 20 drivers a second lobby may be opened.
  • If a driver quits a race when they could pit and finish the race they may incur a penalty.


  • Time – 15:00 Minutes
  • Damage – Simulation
  • Collisions – Default
  • Compare Best Laps Scores – Yes
  • Grid Order – Random
  • Per-Car Roll Off Delay – 5 or 10 Seconds Depending on the track
  • End Race Timer – None

  • If you happen to be caught by another driver for any reason please move out of the way to give them the chance to get their fast lap. With the 15 minute session, you will have plenty of time to set a fast lap and have a clean section of track to set your fast lap.


  • Damage – Simulation
  • Collisions – Always ON
  • Grid Ordering – Qualifying Results
  • Per-Car Roll Off Delay – 2 Seconds
  • End Race Timer – None
  • Required Pit – Required to pit during the pit window and it may be under caution.


  • For this series we will be performing a rolling double file start. The grid will be set as random with a 2 second roll of delay. Each driver will carefully position themselves into the proper start position. Drivers will drive single fill at 70mph(115kph) until the 2nd to final corner. At that time everyone will get filed 2 by 2 staying at 70 mph. The final car on the grid will call "CLEAR" once they have come off the last corner. At this time the driver in pole position will call "GO,GO,GO" between the point of the CLEAR call and the start finish line. No driver can go until the GO command is given. If the pole position driver does not say go once he crosses the start finish line the race will start regardless of the call.
  • Prior to the race in the game lobby the pole position driver will determine which lane he want to be in. Either inside or outside, which means the odd placed drivers will start on whichever side the leader chooses.


  • Cautions will only be called if two or more drivers are involved in an incident, caused by racing or lag. ONLY CALL A CAUSION IF SUBSTANTIAL TIME IS LOST OR CARS HAVE BEEN DAMAGED. What that means if you are run wide or have just been bumped and gotten sideways but reclaimed yourself DO NOT CALL A CAUTION. Cautions will consist of at least two laps, the first is for a pitting sequence and the immediate lap after the pitting lap we will go back to green. While under caution, the leader will maintain 70mph (115 kph) the whole duration of the caution. As soon as the caution is called ALL DRIVERS WILL SLOW DOWN. If you are not first take it easy and catch up to the leader safely and don't cause any more accidents, if you do you will start at the back of the line.

  • If you are in a battle for a position at the time of the caution the overtaking car will be the second car unless they are clearly in front. If there is any debate the overtaking car will be second to the car they are overtaking. If the pass is for a lapped car the drivers will obviously move to their respective positions. For each restart everyone will line up in their positions after the series of pit stops. If you pit under caution you will line up where you come back on track.

  • In the event that there is a lapped car they will be given their lap back after the pit sequence once everyone is grouped back together. The rest of the group will then continue to circulate at the caution speed limit for the track, while the lapped cars will circulate to try to catch up. IF YOU ARE A LAPPED CAR TAKE IT EASY CATICHING UP TO THE PACK WE DO NOT WANT ANY EXTRA INCIDENTS. The rest of the pack will then continue to the main straight.

  • For restarting the caution the last car in line will call clear once they are clear of the last corner. At that point the leader will say “GO, GO, GO” anytime between the last car saying clear and the start finish line. If there is a lapped car regaining their lap they will not be waited for if they are not  caught up by the restart. If they catch the field as they are starting you are to fall in line and slow down to the speed of the field. DO NOT GO BLOWING PAST THE FIELD YOU HAVE BEEN GIVEN AN OPORTUNITY. If the lapped car causes an accident on the restart or blows past the pack, they will be given a pit penalty on the next restart, the driver will go through the pit lane on the next restart instead of starting with the pack.

  • If there is a caution at the end of the race, special circumstances will arise for the situation. For every race, the last point in which the caution can be called and still have a chance to pit will be with 3 laps remaining. The very last point in which a caution can be called is with 1.5 laps remaining. At this point there will be no pit sequence, it will just be a line up and go, and anyone can pit on the restart only, once the caution is called, if needed.

  • While under caution there will be a “fail safe” for making the caution as short as possible. This will only happen when we need to wait for cars to catch back up for a quick restart. This fail safe will be where a “Red Flag” situation will arise. Under the red flag all cars will stop behind the leader in their proper position while the field catches up.


  • High amount of lag making racing in the opinion of the room host impossible.
  • Incorrect room settings.
  • Improper Start Procedure.


  • Official SDC number boards (Red or White) on both doors (shared by F3ar0fTheF1AT )
  • RR Official series logo on both sides (shared by LethalHoudini)
  • on rear (you can make your own so you can choose color etc)
  • Your RR car number on rear bumper


  • Should you lag out you will receive last place points.  In the event of more than 1 lag out it will be decided by order of lag-out.


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